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What's Happening at FCCD
November 3, 2021, 8:46 AM

Dear Friends,

As you can see in this newsletter, we are beginning an intensely active part of the Church year. The Bazaar is Saturday, the time change is Sunday, then it is Veteran’s Day Sunday on the 14th. There is a Grief Support Group beginning on the 8th at 12:30 and a Duncanville Class reunion in the Fellowship Hall on Saturday the 13th. Our Church Women are holding their annual Harvest Dinner on Tuesday evening the 16th, which is always a great event! On Thanksgiving Sunday, the 21st, Judy Purcell will bring the message that morning, sharing some of the Church history here at FCC Duncanville. Later that afternoon, a group of the Worship Committee will be decorating the sanctuary for Advent.

Advent begins on Sunday, November the 28th, as our season of preparation for Christmas. Helping prepare for Christmas this year will be The Master’s Voice Concert on Thursday, December 2nd, in the Sanctuary. Sometime prior to that concert, we will hopefully have a new sign in place on Main St. that will allow us to advertise the concert and our Advent and Christmas plans. The Choir’s Christmas Cantata is scheduled for December the 12th during worship and is one of the highlights of our Advent season. Our Christmas Eve service is scheduled for 7pm, Friday December 24th, and we look forward to having folks back in the Sanctuary to celebrate Christ’s birth! (if you are not able to be in the sanctuary, the service will be livestreamed.)

Currently I am still fleshing out an Advent theme around the idea of “A Homeless Christ” using Luke and Matthew to consider not just Jesus’ birth situation in both, but the importance of Him “being on the road” during his ministry. In his life, Jesus came and went, never owning a home nor renting one. Being homeless, meant people had to followed him (or try to), but he kept moving from one town to the next sharing His message and healing. It is the reason, even today, that we “follow” Jesus.

From now to the end of the year, most all of us will be engaged in church activities of one form or another. I did not mention in the calendar overview above that our Outreach ministries will continue and include the end of year push for Mike’s Kids, Hasting’s projects, Duncanville Outreach Ministries. Evangelism will still be getting the word out, but also Secret Santa’s. And the Epiphany team will be gathering for prayer and guidance in preparation for a start after the first of next year. So, there will be many opportunities for getting involved but also finding inspiration. We do some wonderful and amazing things here at FCC with the Spirit’s blessing and guidance!

In the risen Christ’s service together wherever He leads,