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This Year Ends and a New Year Begins
December 29, 2021, 8:00 AM

Dear Friends,

            This is our last newsletter for 2021! I hope and pray we all have a safe and healthy 2022! COVID is still out there and seems to be getting closer this time around as Dallas just went into red status again. At FCC-D, we do our best to look after one another by observing our safety protocols and keeping our masks up, distancing practiced, and hand sanitizer handy. I hope before we are midway through 2022, we will be putting COVID behind us and can resume normal life safely!

            However difficult it has been, 2021 has given us some great things to reflect upon! We have started livestreaming in the sanctuary and zoom capability in the Friendship and BOC classrooms for Bible study, Board Meetings, Committee meetings or any other gatherings we choose. We received bequest monies that helped replenish our permanent fund account and assist with several Outreach and Church projects in addition to replacing the sign on Main Street. Our Outreach projects have remained strong from 2020 through 2021 and that has blessed many folks in our community, in South Dallas, and in other parts of our State and beyond. Our Disciple’s Women were able to hold a successful in-person Bazaar once again with numerous vendors and customers. All their preparation, both planning and crafting paid off!

            As we go into 2022, our Epiphany team is still at work praying about our future story and what we might yet become to fulfill God’s vision for us here in Duncanville. We are hopeful that during the first quarter of the year we will have something to share to begin that process moving forward.

            I hope that via Zoom, live stream, or in person everyone will have an avenue to share and participate with our various ministries and programs this coming year. We prize your involvement and hopefully will be able to share our faith and our fellowship more fully with those beyond our congregation!

            I look forward to seeing you all in the coming year! May Christ Jesus bless us together!

In Christ’s service together wherever He leads,