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No Appointment Needed
April 21, 2021, 8:28 AM

Dear Friends,

As many of you know I had some minor surgical work done on my eye this week. The vision in my right eye had been clouding over and the Dr. explained that after cataract surgery, protein (which grows over the lens causing the cataract) will continue to grow on the membrane at the rear of the lens capsule and create a “frosted- over” look to that eye’s vision. This condition happens for about 50% of cataract surgery patients. The Dr. used a Yag laser to punch multiple small holes in that rear membrane, effectively opening a hole in the membrane like using a knife as a can opener to open the lid, thus creating a clear line-of-sight again. The procedure takes about 15 minutes.

Of course, for any procedure, we are required to fill out paperwork, schedule appointments, and ensure that we are ready and capable of paying the bills for these services. Imagine how different our Gospel interpretations would be if Jesus required signed paperwork before doing any healing procedure? Or if he would have required the sick and lame, the blind and the possessed to make an appointment before seeing him. Whoops, little children you are going to need your parents to schedule an appointment for Jesus to have time to lay his hands upon you and give you a blessing. 

Perhaps the physicians of the day had some similar process to what we have now? After all, our Dr.’s time is important and in demand. The Gospels record that people flocked to Jesus, surrounding he and the disciples to the point that the people nor Jesus and the twelve did not even have time to eat. Who would be more in demand, Jesus, or the doctors of the day? What do the Gospels say about the availability and accessibility of the Son of Man? What does that indicate about God toward us?

Of all the healings, exorcisms, raisings from the dead, did Jesus ever demand a cost for services rendered? How many times did Jesus base a healing on the condition that the person or person’s family believe and follow him? Jesus is about the goodness of God and willingness to give far beyond expectations. His ministry on earth was intended to display insight into what the Kingdom of God will look like, not about trying to self-sustain.

While I am thankful that my retina specialist has the skill to help clear my sight again, I am more grateful and thankful to our Great Physician, our Good Shepherd. Our Lord Jesus Christ who heals both body and soul, mind, and spirit, and invites us into life everlasting! Fortunately, we are not required to fill out any forms, or make appointments, or cover any bills for services rendered. We are asked to confess, be baptized, and lead a life exemplifying his love for all people. Thanks be to God for each of our opportunities to follow Jesus the Christ!

In the risen Christ’s service together wherever He leads,