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Happy New Year
January 5, 2022, 8:17 AM

Dear Friends,

            Happy New Year to you all! Sunday, you will be in for a treat as Bob Cawthon is bringing the morning message! This will be Bob’s second sermon and I believe you will be blessed by the message he brings! Bob will be focusing on Genesis 12:1-2 if you would like to read it beforehand. After worship, Bob and others will be delivering bags to the homeless. If you are interested in going, please let Bob know before Sunday. Also, there will be a crew working this Saturday to build Bob’s Bags in the Fellowship Hall. Check this newsletter for the time on Saturday.

            It is hard to get away from COVID news with the surge happening again in the Dallas area. Our Safety Committee is still encouraging social distancing when at church but are allowing the wearing of masks to be optional at this time. Please help us be protective of our church community by staying home if you feel even slightly sick or if someone in your household is not feeling well! We would love to have you join by live stream rather than share any illnesses. Our congregation has been fortunate to have avoided bringing COVID or its’ variants in and that is due to the care we have taken of ourselves and each other. Let’s try and get through this winter season with our health record intact and make the start of 2022 a great year!

            I also want to say a quick word of thanks to our Elders as they will be leading the various parts of Sunday’s morning worship while I am gone! It is wonderful to have a great group of leaders to rely on!

            I hope this is a blessed week for all of us!

In Christ’s service together wherever He leads,