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April 6, 2021, 10:27 AM

Dear Friends,

CHRIST HAS RISEN! CHRIST LIVES AGAIN! Now is our time to share Good News! Lent and Holy Week are about preparation and making the journey with Jesus to the cross and beyond the grave. Just as the disciples would soon inherit the ministry of Good News and the message of the coming Kingdom of God, it is ours now! The Easter message renews us to this call and the faith journey that Jesus started.

Getting us here again has fallen on the shoulders and hearts of many folks in our congregation. Our Worship team has included the Worship Committee, our A/V folks, Property, Evangelism, our Disciples Women, the Elders, the Choir and other music folks, our Worship Leaders, Diane and Deb and others who decorated and provided Sanctuary flowers, and of course Jaime and Wanda! I could attempt to name the many who put countless hours into just our worship experiences, but I would inevitably leave some folks out! So, let me say thank you to everyone who led, planned, and developed our worship experiences this year!

Accompanying what we were able to do this year in our worship services, both Sanctuary and Zoom, have been our Outreach folks. Jim and Lynn with our variety of Outreach ministries and Bob and Bonnie, Jim, Gayle, and others who have assembled and distributed Bob’s Bags to the homeless in Dallas and here in Duncanville. Not only have we been blessed, but we have been able to bless others!

I would also like to say thank you to this congregation for the generous bonuses given this year to the staff and myself! It is always nice to receive affirmations from those we do ministry alongside and most especially from those we respect! 

As we are hopeful the end is in sight for finally getting a handle on COVID and its’ various mutations, I look forward to being together in the sanctuary in full strength again. It was great being in the sanctuary again Sunday! I realized my voice was barely in shape to do two services back-to-back, much less three for Easter Sunday – especially with singing. That will come back with a little more practice! Now, on this side of Easter, I hope all our voices are prepared to sing God’s praises and to exclaim – CHRIST IS RISEN! CHRIST LIVES AGAIN!

In the risen Christ’s service together wherever He leads,