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June 29, 2015, 10:42 AM

Camp Reminders of Who God Is!!

As I sit at camp in a small group with eleven 6th and 7th graders, I using my size to “scare” them into listening and not talking over others. The thought comes to me: Does God ever have to remind us of how to treat others by His size??

I had to use my deep, stern, loud voice; does God do that for us? I had to remind them that we have expectations of how we are to treat and act together. Not rules because we want to rule them and boss them around but expectations because we care for them, that we believe that they can do great things, that we want what is best for them. Because we love them!!

After we got down with the big “scary talk,” we were able to have a great talk with times of deep ideas and stories, with times of crying together, times of laughing together. As we left the table, we left as a closer group, we left as a family, we left as a family who loved each other. We had been on Holy ground with God and with each other.

As we left to the next thing no in a busy day at camp I just had to smile and remember that We as people of any age sometimes need God to remind us of His calling, expection of us. That He loves us so much that he holds us to a higher standard, that He sometimes needs to remind us that He is big, like super big and that He can handle all things we throw at Him.

I just want to remind you that God does LOVE YOU, all of you not just when you are doing good. That He is always there to help you when you need Him.


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January 29, 2015, 9:09 AM

The Inviting Church!

I am so excited about this new year!  I am excited about our theme for the days ahead at FCCD!  Being the INVITING CHURCH!   An inviting church is a church filled with inviting people.  People inviting others to be a part of our lives together.  Inviting one another into our homes, to our worship, to study and to prayer.  Inviting one another into relationships that matter and change lives.  First Christian Church – the church that invites! 

On Sunday we talked about the invitation to come see Jesus.  Based on John 1:38-39. 

38 Turning around, Jesus saw them following and asked, “What do you want?”

They said, “Rabbi” (which means “Teacher”), “where are you staying?”

39 “Come,” he replied, “and you will see.”


My question for us this week is where do people see Jesus?  The answer is for most people is “in the people who believe in him.”  That’s right.  People see Jesus in the lives of those who have him in their hearts.  If you have received him, you are a walking video of Jesus for your friends and neighbors, loved ones and enemies.  Of course this leads to the question:  Who do people see when they look at you?  Do they see a child of the most high God?  Do they see a compassionate loving soul?  Do they see a joy filled, loving friend?   I believe this is an important part of becoming the church that invites!   

Who are you inviting to see Jesus in you?


December 2, 2014, 10:02 AM

Hope-A Gift and a Promise

The theme this first week in Advent is HOPE – A Gift and a Promise.  I love this theme.  It reminds me again and again of that first great gift we received at the first Christmas – GOD with us-Emmanuel!   Just imagine – a gift that has a promise.  The gift is of God’s Son – the promise – is for life everlasting.  The gift is God’s presence, the promise is for peace.  The Gift is God’s never-ending love – the promise is to be loved. 

What has God given you?  What is the promise that gift makes to you and yours?  I have seen such great gifts of healing – the promise is for joy.  I have seen such gifts of reconciliation – the promise is for salvation. 

Do you know that you have a gift to give and a promise to make and keep?  Think about what God has done for you.  The gift you have to give is hope for your friend, your neighbor, your loved one, your enemy.  The promise to keep is yours given to God when you chose to be his disciple-to love others as God has loved you.   A Gift and a Promise - Its called HOPE!

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August 5, 2014, 10:17 AM

The Magic Light

This morning in my office I was trying to decide what to write in this spot - I hadn't written a blog in a while when one of my church members came and asked me to turn the lights on in the sanctuary.  What this meant was that the magic light switch wasn't working.  Yes - we have a magic light switch in our sanctuary.  I was here for more than a year before I learned about it.  And it doesn't always work.  That's one of the problems with magic.  Just when you think its going to be perfect - something goes wrong. 

According to (a site I recomend heartily) in the NIV version of the bible there are 263 references to "light".  From Genesis through Revelation - we read about light.  We read that it was spoken into existence in Genesis, and promised it is promised for eternity in Revelation.   Jesus is identified as "the light of the world" in the gospel of John and scripture is declared to be the "light on the path" in Psalms. 

The one thing it is never described as - at least as far as I can remember is as "magic."  It has been turned on.  Our task as believers is to let it shine.  You see the truth is while we can't switch it off - we can cover it up, black it out, all by how we live.  We can let the light reflect through us to show the way to Jesus, to hope, to peace or we can put the dimmers on, cover it, hide it.   What I love most about the bible and light - it tells us first that Jesus is the light of the world - and then Jesus tell us "we are the light of the world." 

What are you doing with the light? 

YourPastorDude - David

April 2, 2014, 11:14 AM

A Little Bit of Hope

Let me ask you a question:  What happens when you are given even just a little bit of hope? 

I had a man in my office this morning that had had a bad day.  He came home from working all night (yes, he has a job) to find the door to his little apartment locked - with directions to see the maintainance man.  He found that he needed $22.00 to get in.  He had paid his rent just a little late and that fee was the "late" fee.    The problem of course was that he didn't have the money. He gets paid on Monday.  His food and everything he owned was in this little studio style apartment. 

To make a long story short - he came to the church for help.  He chose us because we were the church closest to him that would listen to his story.  He was embarrassed.  He was sad.  He was angry.  I asked two or three questions and then without further ado I helped him.  (regardless of what the sign on the door said, I know)  

I listened to his story and I helped him.  He promised to be back Monday morning to pay me back.   I hope he does come back.  Would be nice to have that little bit of cash back - I carry it for just such a purpose as this.  But if he doesn't I am ok with it.  Ok because quite frankly his visit reminded me of why I am a Pastor - why i believe in and belong to a church.  Today the body of Christ helped a man get a good nights rest (he works graveyard).  Today the church helped change a man's face from anguish and tears to a little smile with a little hope. 

Today I know a man who was given just a little bit of hope - and that means he got to go to sleep in his own bed. 

Who do you know that you could give just a little bit of hope to?



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