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Bits and Pieces
January 6, 2021, 8:42 AM

Dear Friends,
    Bits and Pieces – Bits and Pieces, add them up or construct them well and you may have something wonderous when put together. Since I am always looking for (or trying to remember) illustrations I can use for a sermon or newsletter topic, I had one drop in my lap this morning. Bob asked if Jim and I would help him collect cases of water from Costco and then pick-up numerous cases of sanitizing wipes, food bars, masks, Kleenex, and assorted other things from his house to bring it all to the Fellowship Hall. All of this to supply the contents of the next round of Bob’s Bags to go out for the homeless with a COVID preventative focus. Bits and Pieces combined with more Bits and Pieces and VOILA – we have bags to give out full of hope, goodwill, compassion, and a bunch of disinfectant and safety items.
    Much of our lives, especially our agendas, are built upon the bits and pieces we plan for or have thrust upon us each day. In fact, most of us (myself included) probably would consider it a good day if all the bits and pieces of our plans went perfectly according to how they were organized and implemented. Bob has put together the items which go in each zip-lock bag which then go into the larger shopping bag with several bottles of water included. Because Bob has put together so many of these bags these last several years, he is able to efficiently lead us novices in the creation of more bags. The archetype has proved beneficial for centuries between craftsmen and apprentices, business leaders and junior partners, even Jesus and the disciples.
    Church work is continuously about the bits and pieces of planning, creating, inviting, caring for, attending to needs of both congregation and community, even preaching. Steve does his part, Bonnie does hers, Shirley does hers, and Sherry, Ron, Gerald, Robert, John, Lori, and so many more.  All the bits and pieces working and moving together to undergird the whole of the church’s life. The generations of those who have gone before us like John Detmore, Thelma Fouts, Bob White, David Freeman, Ann Worsham, and Otto Crumroy and Dale Ward (who are both still alive but moved from Duncanville) who were committed to supporting the ministry of this congregation.  
We see the importance of bits and pieces in our offerings, whether small or large, making a difference in what we can achieve together in the name and Spirit of Christ Jesus.
    The Apostle Paul wrote about the importance of bits and pieces working together, only he used the illustration of the parts of the body: hands, eyes, mouth, feet, and heart. Each contributing to the health of the whole, doing their part only as they can. Later he uses the same model when talking about the gifts of the Spirit and how they are necessarily varied for the up-building of the church. 
    Bob and Jim have set up the bits and pieces for Bob’s Bags in the Fellowship Hall, ready to be put together. We are inviting the congregation to come and put them together, blessing them before they are distributed. Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m., we are looking for volunteers to put the bags together. We will follow our safety protocols and stay distanced while assembling the bits and pieces. If you can come for an hour that would be great! If you can only stay 15 minutes that will be great too. Come and be a part of this important ministry!

In Christ’s service together wherever He leads,