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November 25, 2020, 12:00 AM

Dear Friends,
    Please take a minute and read about the grant we received from the National Benevolent Association (NBA) for our Bob’s Bags ministry. NBA is the health and social services ministry of our denomination which supports and provides guidance for local churches and regions who are engaged in these focused ministries.  If you would like to learn more about NBA, go to In case you are not aware NBA has been supplying the Zoom access for our virtual worship and for many of our Board and committee meetings. We are also using NBA’s network for the Elder’s Basecamp app., which helps the Elders communicate prayer concerns and other needed conversations. Special thanks to Judy Pursell for writing our grant proposal and of course Bob Cawthon for his vision and leadership in this growing ministry from our church!
    I hope each of our families will have a safe and joyous Thanksgiving this week!  Following Thanksgiving, we will begin the season of Advent and prepare ourselves for the celebration of Christ Jesus’ birth. Sunday we will look at Hope given to us through Christ Jesus for the first Sunday of Advent. Peace, Joy, and Love will be our focus for the following three Sundays.  
    The folks gathering in the Sanctuary will have the traditional Advent wreath to observe the lighting of the Advent Candles. For those at home we will need to create or build our own.  This can be as simple as having five candles and candle holders and putting four of them in a circle with one in the middle (greenery can be added around the four circled candles or left bare). Typically, three of the circle candles are the same color with one being a different color.  We will light our candles one at a time each Sunday, so you are encouraged to share in this part of worship at home. I am looking forward to this Advent in part because of its’ uniqueness in this time of COVID and because it is Advent.  

In Christ service together wherever He leads,