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August 5, 2014, 10:17 AM

The Magic Light

This morning in my office I was trying to decide what to write in this spot - I hadn't written a blog in a while when one of my church members came and asked me to turn the lights on in the sanctuary.  What this meant was that the magic light switch wasn't working.  Yes - we have a magic light switch in our sanctuary.  I was here for more than a year before I learned about it.  And it doesn't always work.  That's one of the problems with magic.  Just when you think its going to be perfect - something goes wrong. 

According to (a site I recomend heartily) in the NIV version of the bible there are 263 references to "light".  From Genesis through Revelation - we read about light.  We read that it was spoken into existence in Genesis, and promised it is promised for eternity in Revelation.   Jesus is identified as "the light of the world" in the gospel of John and scripture is declared to be the "light on the path" in Psalms. 

The one thing it is never described as - at least as far as I can remember is as "magic."  It has been turned on.  Our task as believers is to let it shine.  You see the truth is while we can't switch it off - we can cover it up, black it out, all by how we live.  We can let the light reflect through us to show the way to Jesus, to hope, to peace or we can put the dimmers on, cover it, hide it.   What I love most about the bible and light - it tells us first that Jesus is the light of the world - and then Jesus tell us "we are the light of the world." 

What are you doing with the light? 

YourPastorDude - David

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