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December 13, 2013, 8:20 AM

The Journey to Peace

I discovered something this morning -

Peace is found in a manger; on a journey - not in opulence or in static lack of motion. To often I think we equate "peace" with lack...lack of confict, lack of movement, but peace is a journey to where God fills the space, our space. - Is your journey to a manger filled with God's presence or are you headed where peace cannot be found?

I am wondering what our lives would be like if instead of complaining about the noisy rushing about that always seems to accompany the month of December, if instead of focusing on what we are going to get or give, if instead of trying to do all and be all the things our society says we should do and be, if instead of all this we focused on the simple journey to the manger found in Luke 2:1-7. 

Most of you know that I love Nativity displays.  I own many and i came to this thought as I was setting up my latest, a gift last year from a church member (thank you again).  I was reminded as I was setting it up (without directions or picture) that "every eye should focus on the baby."    This reminder is what triggered this thought - all of the characters in a nativity have been on a journey to the manger... Mary and Joseph, the shepherds, the wisemen and now even you and I.   

I invite you to discover with me - peace in a manger. 




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