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December 2, 2014, 10:02 AM

Hope-A Gift and a Promise

The theme this first week in Advent is HOPE – A Gift and a Promise.  I love this theme.  It reminds me again and again of that first great gift we received at the first Christmas – GOD with us-Emmanuel!   Just imagine – a gift that has a promise.  The gift is of God’s Son – the promise – is for life everlasting.  The gift is God’s presence, the promise is for peace.  The Gift is God’s never-ending love – the promise is to be loved. 

What has God given you?  What is the promise that gift makes to you and yours?  I have seen such great gifts of healing – the promise is for joy.  I have seen such gifts of reconciliation – the promise is for salvation. 

Do you know that you have a gift to give and a promise to make and keep?  Think about what God has done for you.  The gift you have to give is hope for your friend, your neighbor, your loved one, your enemy.  The promise to keep is yours given to God when you chose to be his disciple-to love others as God has loved you.   A Gift and a Promise - Its called HOPE!

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