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March 29, 2016, 9:54 AM

Easter's Come, Easter's Gone.....

The big day has come and gone. Easter - just like Christmas seems to be over in a moment of glory.  All the planning of Lent and preparation of choirs, musicians, worship leaders, Greeters and Elders and Deacons.  In a single Sunday morning, to quote Jesus "it is finished..."  And then we now return you  to our regularly scheduled lives...

Why bother?  is the question so many of us have asked at one time or another.  It's pretty yes.  It's important to celebrate - we pastor types really do get it.  But goodness.  The work.  The energy.  The conflict created.  Is it really worth it?  Did it make a difference in a single life?  Did it bring us closer to Jesus?  Did it help us become a better disciple (follower)?  We argue that if one person came to know Jesus this day it was worth it.  We argue that if one soul was restored, reconciled, refreshed or renewed - then yes.  But is our argument sound?  Is it true that one life is worth all this?  And honestly - I want to say "yes" with reckless abandon and power and conviction.  But the exhaustion of Monday and Tuesday - the day I am writing this says "maybe" is more like it. 

What's wrong with this picture we ask.  Why isn't this Pastor just proclaiming the praises of Easter.    Don't get me wrong.  The music was wonderful.  The baptism was moving.  The children talking about newness of life precious.  All so good in the mix.  But then we all went home.  Did you hear the call to action?  To belief?  To service?  Or did you just sing the music, listen to the speech, and hang out with your family for a time?  Are you going to do something to grow in your faith or are you settled in your way of life so firmly that there is no room at the inn for faith?  For faithful action?

The good news is this.  You can decide to act today.  You can decide to be a more faithful follower today.  You can get in a study group, a prayer group, a choir, and fellowship group and feed your soul again and again.  You see - like Christmas - Easter comes again and again to our lives.  It's why we celebrate every year.  Because faith doesn't just "happen."  It grows like a living human being.  It changes and evolves and grows.  And that growth is something to celebrate.  We change - and that is good news.    Maybe, just maybe all this hoopla for Easter is worth it.  And while Easter has come - it hasn't gone.    Praise be to God!




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