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April 2, 2014, 11:14 AM

A Little Bit of Hope

Let me ask you a question:  What happens when you are given even just a little bit of hope? 

I had a man in my office this morning that had had a bad day.  He came home from working all night (yes, he has a job) to find the door to his little apartment locked - with directions to see the maintainance man.  He found that he needed $22.00 to get in.  He had paid his rent just a little late and that fee was the "late" fee.    The problem of course was that he didn't have the money. He gets paid on Monday.  His food and everything he owned was in this little studio style apartment. 

To make a long story short - he came to the church for help.  He chose us because we were the church closest to him that would listen to his story.  He was embarrassed.  He was sad.  He was angry.  I asked two or three questions and then without further ado I helped him.  (regardless of what the sign on the door said, I know)  

I listened to his story and I helped him.  He promised to be back Monday morning to pay me back.   I hope he does come back.  Would be nice to have that little bit of cash back - I carry it for just such a purpose as this.  But if he doesn't I am ok with it.  Ok because quite frankly his visit reminded me of why I am a Pastor - why i believe in and belong to a church.  Today the body of Christ helped a man get a good nights rest (he works graveyard).  Today the church helped change a man's face from anguish and tears to a little smile with a little hope. 

Today I know a man who was given just a little bit of hope - and that means he got to go to sleep in his own bed. 

Who do you know that you could give just a little bit of hope to?



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